Robin Eric Haak
3 min readJan 13, 2021

I have been contributing to this venture for nearly two years now. I almost came on as a co-founder, but instead chose to travel the world. Instead, I took on the roles of investor and advisor, but more importantly, the role of a friend and sparring partner.

I met the founder, Chris Mirabile, 10 years ago in New York. We were at a social gathering at the home of a friend, investor, and entrepreneur, Fabrice Grinda. At the time, I was working for Versace US as a buyer on 5th Avenue, and Chris and his then co-founder, Gianni Martire, were building their social networking venture, Hotlist. I coincidentally knew one of their investors, Alex Reventlow, and a friendship was born.

Towards the end of Chris’ own sabbatical, and the start of mine, we reconvened and traveled together. The bond that formed felt like a brotherhood, as we traveled to Greece, Turkey, Ukraine and he came to Berlin and to my birthday in Uslar. I learned a lot from him during this time and I’m happy to call him my friend.

Chris pitched NOVOS to me during our travels and I loved it; I immediately saw the market’s need and NOVOS’ potential. Chris teamed up with Dr. Kris Verburgh, an authority in the longevity science community, and immediately started building. Chris is a health-loving serial entrepreneur, an NYU Stern financial smartie, and a person with integrity and principles. He was diagnosed and cured of a brain tumor in his teens and committed himself to learning about health and helping others who suffer from illness. Five years ago he began spending an evening every week for nearly three years, volunteering his time with the children at the same hospital ward as he was treated, and has since transitioned to volunteering on one of NYU Langone Hospital’s boards. With NOVOS and building a company dedicated to staving off illness and increasing human longevity, he has found his purpose.

NOVOS is not only about living longer, but more importantly, better. I’ve learned the importance of having balance in life. While following a Paleo diet and gaining muscle, you may increase the chances for cancer via mTOR and hormone signaling, while eating Keto may increase cardiovascular risks, and being Vegan you run the risk of missing out on many essential nutrients, which can have cascading effects. I believe there is a middle ground of living a long and good life, all the while feeling good in your body, and the way to this should be largely informed by science.

In this regard, there is much to learn about the path forward and NOVOS will not only provide science-based products and tools to do so, they will also educate the market. They will allow you to track your body’s biological age, your facial and skin aging, and they will slow down the rate at which you grow older with supplements like NOVOS CORE and NOVOS BOOST. This is just the start, as I believe this is a whole new category that NOVOS will lead.

I participated in the friends & family round when it was nothing more than an idea and the founders in place, but I never felt like I was taking a leap of faith — I always knew that they were in it for the long run and that they’d grind, suffer and sacrifice for their mission. I am happy that I was able to be a founding investor with Haak&Compagnie and I am thankful for the trust of my investor peers like Hessam Lavi, Tim Marbach, Ralph Graef, and others. This one will be big!

And now, I’m happy to announce that after two years of working with the world’s top longevity scientists on their foundational products, Core & Boost, NOVOS is launching!

Check out — order now and support this fantastic venture with a mission for good if you’re in the US, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, or the Virgin Islands!



Robin Eric Haak

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